UNC Staff Assembly Delegate & Alternate


  • Incumbent must be a full-time SHRA or EHRA Non-Faculty employee of NCSSM

  • Must be a member of the Staff Senate

  • Knowledgeable about the programs and activities of the NCSSM

  • Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written form

  • Demonstrated ability to exercise good judgment

  • Ability to be a good facilitator

  • Committed to serving the common interests of the SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty staff


In accordance with the NCSSM Staff Senate Bylaws, the UNC Staff Assembly Delegate and Alternate shall serve as Delegate for one year beginning in August of the academic school year. The Staff Senate Chairperson shall serve for two years beginning in July of the academic school year.

General Description:

The Chairperson of the Staff Senate will serve as one of the three campus delegates to the UNC Staff Assembly. One Vice-Chair of the Durham Campus and one Vice-Chair of the Morganton campus will make up the remaining two UNC Staff Assembly Delegates. One Vice-Chair Delegate must be an SHRA Vice-Chair and one Vice-Chair Delegate must be EHRA-NF Vice-Chair. The Executive Committees of each campus will jointly determine which Vice-Chair from each campus will be a delegate to the UNC Staff Assembly. The term of the Vice-Chair delegates to the UNC Staff Assembly is one year from July to June. The alternate of the Staff Assembly will attend meetings as a voting delegate in the absence of either of the delegates .

The UNC Staff Assembly Delegate’s specific duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Attend Staff Senate full body and individual SHRA and/or EHRA Non-Faculty meetings;

  • Attend all UNC Staff Assembly full-body meetings

  • Be available to receive feedback from your constituents regarding concerns or questions

Time Commitment Required

  • Represent the Staff Senate at 3 UNC Staff Assembly Meetings;

  • Other NCSSM official functions as needed.