Inclement Weather


School is open and all employees should report to work.


School is open. Employees should be cautious in reporting to work.


School is closed for employees except essential personnel. No regular classes are scheduled


Contact to local television stations will be done as a secondary measure only. Staff and students should also pay close attention to the announcements section on the NCSSM Calendar for updates and announcements.

In the case of CODE-YELLOW DELAYED OPENING, NCSSM will operate under the following schedules: INCLEMENT WEATHER SCHEDULES

Before School Hours: NCSSM employees are urged to use their own judgment and report to their duties when it is safe to do so. Persons who will be delayed arriving to work more than one hour should call their supervisor's office to explain the delay.

During Work Hours: When weather conditions develop during the day which will influence safe return home, the chancellor or designee will communicate via special memo to all offices that department supervisors should encourage all nonessential employees to leave.


For employees subject to the State Personnel Act, work time missed due to Code Green or Code Yellow inclement weather may be charged to vacation leave, bonus leave, compensatory time, or leave without pay or made up during the pay period or as soon as practical. State policy allows up to 90 days to make up time missed due to adverse weather.

If the employee elects to use the Adverse Weather code in BEACON, the system will deduct compensatory time from the adverse hours that were coded. If the 12 months pass and the employee has not earned sufficient compensatory time, the adverse hours will be deducted from the vacation leave balance.

Employees do not need to charge leave or make up work time missed due to Code Red closings.